Strength training facilities

There are two outstanding strength and conditioning facilities on campus at CSU-Pueblo dedicated to training athletes.  Together they represent some of the most outstanding strength and conditioning facilities in all of Division II athletics. 

The newly updated strength and conditioning facility in Massari Gymnasium is 1,839 square feet in size. This facility has four multi-station platforms that allow performance of the Olympic lifts, squats, front squats, bench press, incline press, pull-ups along with a variety of other exercises. In addition there is a squat rack, bench press station, dumbbells ranging from two lbs to 100 lbs and utility benches used for dumbbell training that can adjust from flat to incline. There are also a variety of medicine balls and bands to supplement the equipment already mentioned. This facility is used by the smaller roster teams that can efficiently train in a facility of this size.

The strength and conditioning facility in the field house is 4,309 square feet in size.  Included in this facility are 12 state of the art multi-station platforms where you can perform all of the Olympic style exercises, squats, bench press, incline press, pull-downs and pull-ups all on the same station.  There are also multiple sets of dumbbells ranging from 5-120 lbs and adjustable free standing benches that can adjust from decline to flat to incline allowing performance of a wide variety of dumbbell exercises.  Water filled kegs and tractor tires are also available in the facility to allow performance of implement based exercises.  There are sets of various height plyometric boxes and a large selection of medicine balls to provide the opportunity to perform a variety of plyometric drills.  In addition, there is also a leg press, leg extension and leg curl machine in the facility, primarily meant to be used by injured athletes who cannot adhere to the normal training protocol.  There is also aerobic exercise equipment available in this facility.