Extra Man Club

Extra Man Club

Our program is continuing our annual fundraiser called the "Extra Man Club." Because athletic budgets are limited and additional funding is needed to compete in a competitive collegiate athletic program, we have been challenged to raise additional money needed specifically for equipment and travel.

With lacrosse becoming an emerging sport west of the Mississippi and growing each year, we currently have the need to travel east to complete our game schedule against other NCAA sanctioned opponents. Staff and players in the program are reaching out to friends, families and businesses in the hopes of any type of financial contribution to help alleviate travel costs.

Your contribution will help directly benefit our costs on the road throughout the 2016 spring season. By joining the Extra Man Club (through donation of $50 or more) you aren't only supporting our lacrosse program, but you will also receive program gear and become a program insider, receiving highlight videos, statistics updates after games and additional insight into the program.

Find out more about the "Extra Man Club" by reading this letter

'2014-15 Extra Man Club Members

First Name/ Company Last Name
RK & Ann Sayler
Pam & Jim Temple
Karen  Sayler
Barb  Sayler
Diana Love
Kenneth Jacobs
Paul & Carrie DeHerrera
Ann & Paul DeHerrera
Judy Smith
Ken Robertson
Carl Kuehn
Jodee Kuehn
Paul & Lucille DeHerrera
Jerry & Carolyn Diaz
Barbara Heller
Gene & Ima  Letson
Betty Matzek
Jean Valentine
Orlando & Bernadette Laydon
Tim Pineda
Paul Curtis
Amir Zaman
Nate Bindl
Gene & Laura Sawdon
Jimmy Hicks
Dale  Dzubay
Mr and Mrs  Gleason
Prostar LLC
Shawn & Risa  Snyder
Eileen DeBree
Cathy & John Bolen
Clair & Marvin Schwartz
Blazer Electric Supply
Carol  Cervi
Steve & Marie Cervi
Terry Cervi
Skip, Judy & Kurt Chandler
Doug & Linda Chandler
Tom & Pat  Halus
Fred & Arlene Ingo
Mike & Shawndee Ingo
Kurt & Brenda Madic
John and Barbara  Buchanan
Melissa & Jeremy Fullerton
Joan & Melvin  Snyder
Robin & Mark Buchanan
Diann Shefchik
Gary & Doris  Russell
Brad & Bev  Blaha
Chun Wehrkamp
Shuffle Master (Henderson, LV)
Matt & Lisa Elsner
Mark Magone (Legacy Bank)