Office of Athletic Compliance


What is Athletic Compliance?

The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) has many rules regarding the eligibility of student-athletes for athletic competition at NCAA-member institutions.  The reasons for the different rules are to maintain the integrity of the athletic competition by ensuring a competitive balance.

As a student-athlete at CSU-Pueblo or any other NCAA Division II Institution, you must reach a series of benchmarks before you are eligible for competition.  The benchmarks are designed so that every most student-athletes are considered eligible for competition. 

Colorado State University-Pueblo maintains intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program. For each student-athlete, athletics is used as an opportunity to expand the personal commitment toward a lifetime of excellence. A significant component of developing this excellence is to instill the highest degree of academic and athletic integrity.

Compliance Structure, Responsibilities, and Duties

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to high quality co-curricular programs, including intercollegiate athletics. The opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics is an integral component of education at Colorado State University-Pueblo. The Colorado State University-Pueblo Athletic Department is committed to excellence in athletics in a manner consistent with the mission of the college and the operating principles of the NCAA

Operating Principles

As a member of the NCAA, participation in athletics at Colorado State University-Pueblo is guided by operating principles regarding amateurism, equity, nondiscrimination, academic integrity, student-athlete welfare, sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and related matters. These principles, adopted by the NCAA membership, serve as the standards by which all Division II athletic programs are judged. Our commitment to these principles is underscored in the three-fold mission of intercollegiate athletics at Colorado State University-Pueblo: To compete in a broad spectrum of sports at the highest competitive NCAA Division II levels attainable; To compete with integrity, and; To link athletics participation to all aspects of learning within the University Mission Statement.

Compliance Responsibilities and Institutional Control

In support of these operating principles, it is the CSU-Pueblo Athletic Department's responsibility to exercise institutional control in maintaining its athletics program in compliance with all rules and regulations established by the NCAA, by the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC), and by the institution, itself. Institutional control is defined by the NCAA as "administrative control or faculty control, or a combination of the two" (NCAA Manual). While compliance responsibilities are shared college-wide, ultimate responsibility and authority over athletics rests with the Board of Trustees and President, aided by the Faculty Athletics Representative, athletics administrators, and an administrative oversight system established to ensure compliance.

Oversight responsibilities (admissions, registrar, financial aid)

NCAA rules manuals are issued to coaches and administrative personnel with athletics-related duties for their personal reference. When questions regarding compliance arise, individuals should consult the manual or contact the Compliance Coordinator, for interpretations or clarifications of rules and regulations. Colorado State University-Pueblo promotes full disclosure of all rules violations. Alleged violations of NCAA, conference, or college rules and regulations should be reported to the Compliance Coordinator or Faculty Athletics Representative for investigation. Actions taken in response to violations shall be consistent with NCAA, conference, and institutional policies and procedures. The NCAA governs the actions of our coaches and student-athletes, and has explicit guidelines that regulate the actions of our program. Hopefully this compliance site will further assist prospective student-athletes, current student-athletes, athletic representatives/boosters, and anyone else interested in intercollegiate athletics at Colorado State University-Pueblo.