We are STUDENT-athletes!

Every CSU-Pueblo is a student first and athlete second.  Athletic success is not possible without academic success.

The CSU-Pueblo Department of Athletics is here to assist its student-athletes in their academic endeavors and will what's possible to ensure each student-athlete's academic success.

Use the links below to find answers to your various common academic questions:

What academic obligations and goals do I have as a student-athlete that other CSU-Pueblo students do not?

What academic resources are available to CSU-Pueblo Students?

What is the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program?

How do I know if I am academically eligible for competition?

How must student-athletes register and drop/add classes?

I need to miss class due to an athletic competition.  What do I do?





What academic obligations and goals do I have that other CSU-Pueblo students do not?

As a student-athlete at CSU-Pueblo, your obligations and goals are the same as all students - to study, get good grades and GRADUATE!  But as a student-athlete, you must balance the demands of being a strong student with those of being a winning athlete. 

Remember that your involvement in athletics IS NEVER AN EXCUSE for not getting a strong grade in a class or on an assigment.  It is up to you to arrange tests and assignments around your athletic obligations.  If it should ever become necessary for the Athletic Department to contact your instructor, the administrative staff must initiate the contact. Keep in mind that the Athletic Department never requests “special consideration” for an athlete.

As a student-athlete, you do not have the option to "take a semester off" and drop a few classes to ease your workload.  To remain eligible, you must If it should ever become necessary for the Athletic Department to contact your instructor, the administrative staff must initiate the contact. Keep in mind that the Athletic Department never requests “special consideration” for an athlete.

As a student-athlete, you are also obligated to NEVER DROP BELOW 12 CREDIT HOURS PER SEMESTER!  If you fall below full-time status, you will become ineligible for competition.  You must also maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA or risk becoming academically ineligible for competition.  To monitor your grades, all student-athletes ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE PERIODIC GRADE CHECKS.  The Athletic Department sends out two grade reports per semester on all student-athletes.  These grade reports are helpful to the student-athlete in assessing current progress in a course that may affect athletic eligibility. Student-athletes will be responsible for getting the grade reports signed by all instructors during their office hours and turning them back into their coach by the date required.


What academic resources are available to CSU-Pueblo Students?

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to fostering the academic success of all its students.  The following resources are available to you:

Library (719) 549-2333

For current library hours, click here!

Many of the library’s resources are available online by visiting the CSU-Pueblo library web site at http://library.colostate-pueblo.edu/.

The Gen. Ed Tutoring Center (719) 549-2581
The Gen. Ed Tutoring Center, located in LARC 251, provides students with tutoring in all Gen. Ed. subjects.

  • Math tutoring: (719) 549-2290 walk-in or by appointment
    • Math 098, 099, 109, 121, & 156
  • Humanities and Social Sciences tutoring: (719) 549-2756 by appointment only
    • History, Psychology, & Foreign Languages
  • Science Tutoring:  (719) 549-2290  by appointment only
    • Biology, Chemistry, & Physics

Writing Room (719) 549-2581
The Writing Room is located in LARC 251. Tutors are available for free one-on-one sessions from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F.  Writing Room tutors can help students with:

  • essays
  • research papers
  • letters or recommendation
  • creative writing 
  • all types of writing

Students can also submit work via the Online Writing Lab and receive feedback from tutors within two business days. 

Math Learning Center  (719) 549-2189
The Math Learning Center, located in PM 132,  is a place for students to work on homework and receive help on a walk-in basis.  All students are required to complete at least one Quantitative Reasoning General Education math class so there will be a need to take advantage of this tutoring resource. Below is the Math Learning Center hours:

  • Monday 8:30-5:00
  • Tuesday 8:30-4:00
  • Wednesday  8:30-5:00
  • Thursday 8:30-4:00
  • Friday 8:30-3:00
  • Saturday 11:00-3:00

Student Support Services (719) 549-2111
Student Support Services is  federally funded  through the TRiO Grant and is located in LARC 357.  Eligible students can receive many services including:

  • Tutoring 
  • Academic counseling
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Aid assistance

In order to be eligible, visit Student Support Services.

The Center for Academic Enrichment (http://www.csupueblo.edu/cae/Pages/default.aspx) can also help students with their time-management, study skills, goal planning and major changes.

Student Academic Services

SAS provides free academic support services to all students.  These programs include the

  • Writing Room (assistance with writing papers, essays, and research projects)
  • Academic Advising           
  • Disability Resource Office
  • New Student Orientation
  • Student Success Program
  • Academic Improvement Program

Disability Resources

The Disability Resource Office provides support services for students with documented disabilities using an individualized approach to meet their classroom needs.  Computers with adaptive technology are available.

Services Include:

  • Classroom Accommodation
  • Adaptive Technology Lab
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Advocacy/Support

To Access Services:

  • Self-Identify to Disability Resources Coordinator as a student with a disability.
  • Provide documentation of disabilities.
  • Meet with Disability Resources Coordinator.
  • Request reasonable accommodations.
  • Distribute Accommodations Letters to faculty.
  • Determine testing needs and schedule a week in advance.
  • Provide a minimum of two weeks notice for special requests.

Contact Information

LARC 169
(719) 549-2648


What is the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program?

The CHAMPS/Lifeskills Program is designed to help student-athletes realize higher academic achievement, increased likelihood of retention, graduation and entering a chosen profession, a higher level of maturity, self-responsibility and overall success.

Part of this program is a required course for all freshmen and sophomore student-athletes and it is structured around key components that address athletics in higher education. A second component of the Lifeskills program is workshops for all student-athletes.

The program utilizes the resources of the campus community in helping student-athletes.


How do I know if I am academically eligible for competition?

Being academically eligible is a concern for any student-athlete.  The rules for a student-athlete's eligibility is complicated and sometimes hard to keep up with.  However, there are some common mistakes that can impact your eligibility:

Declaring a Major
Changing or declaring a major/minor may affect your eligibility status. Due to the progress toward degree requirements, student-athletes must see the Director of Compliance, in cooperation with a major academic advisor prior to the changing or declaring a major/minor. The timing of a major change or declaration can also affect eligibility status. DO NOT MAKE A MAJOR/MINOR CHANGE OR DECLARATION WITHOUT SEEING THE DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE.

Student-athletes must declare a major prior to the start of their fifth semester of collegiate enrollment. At the time of this declaration, all coursework taken must be applicable in a student-athlete’s major.


Student-athletes can declare a second major; however, you should meet with your academic advisor to understand how coursework in a second major applies to satisfactory academic progress.

Repeated Courses
Generally, courses cannot receive duplicate credit.  Some specified courses may be repeated for credit.  These courses are designated by the word Repeatable in the Course Description section of the catalog.  The number after the word Repeatable indicates the maximum number of credits that may be used toward degree requirements.


Satisfactory Progress
GPA requirements:
To meet the “progress toward degree” requirements for continuing eligibility, student-athletes must maintain a grade point average that places them in good academic standing, as established by Colorado State University-Pueblo and the NCAA for all students. 

All Student-Athletes must have a Cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better at the end of each semester. Dropping below a 2.00 cumulative GPA will render the student-athlete ineligible for intercollegiate competition for the next semester.***Freshman exception***  freshman can drop below 2.00, but above 1.8 after the conclusion of their first academic semester.  They must attain at least a cumulative 2.00 by the end of their second semester to remain eligible.

Credit Hour Requirements:
To satisfy “progress toward degree” requirements for continuing eligibility, student-athletes must complete the following credit hour requirements (subject to restrictions below): completion of six credit hours in each full time semester of attendance; completion of 24 hours in each academic year.

Hours Earned or Accepted for Degree Credit:
The provision that the calculation of credit hours under the progress toward degree regulation shall be based on hours earned or accepted for degree credit at the certifying institution in a student-athlete’s specific baccalaureate degree program shall be met as follows:

a)       During the first two years of enrollment, a student-athlete may use credits acceptable toward any of the degree programs, regardless of his/her declared degree programs (as if the student-athlete is undeclared);

b)       By the beginning of the third year of enrollment (fifth semester), a student-athlete shall be required to have designated a program of studies leading toward a specific baccalaureate degree.  From that point, the credits used to meet progress toward degree requirements must be degree credit toward the student’s designated degree program;

c)       A student-athlete who changes his or her designated degree program may comply with the progress toward degree requirements if

1)       The change in programs is documented appropriately by the institution’s academic authorities

2)       The credits earned before the change are acceptable toward a degree previously sought

3)       The credits earned from the time of the change are acceptable toward the new desired degree

4)       A student-athlete who has designated a specific degree program with an identified major may not use a course to fulfill the credit-hour requirement for meeting progress toward degree even if the course fulfills an elective component of the student-athlete’s degree program, if the student ultimately must repeat the course to fulfill the requirements of the student’s major.

In summary, student-athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 college credit hours each semester, pass at least 6 degree  hours  AND MAINTAIN A MINIMUM 2.00 CUMULATIVE gpA to remain eligible for the next semester, and pass a minimum of 24 credit hours towards a degree each year.  A student-athlete may take up to 6 degree credit hours in the summer toward the 24-hour requirement.

How must student-athletes register and drop/add classes?

Registration Procedures
When registering for courses each semester, you must follow the following procedures:

  • All student-athletes must obtain an athletics registration form to be completed by you, your advisor and your head coach.  All forms must be turned in to and signed by the Director of Compliance prior to enrolling in classes.
  • Returning student-athletes must first go through the pre-registration advising procedures coordinated by the student’s major department.
  • New students (incoming freshmen and transfers) receive advising support from the First Year Center who manage with departmental advisers.
  • Find out from your coaches your upcoming workout and schedule commitments so that your course schedules can be arranged accordingly.
  • Personal debt (parking fines, non-returned equipment, etc.) and other University Holds must be cleared from your record or you will be barred from registration.

Add/Drop Dates
The University utilizes a number of different dates that allow students to add and drop courses. These dates may affect athletic eligibility and any course changes during these time periods must be approved by the Director of Compliance.


I need to miss class due to an athletic competition.  What do I do?

Student-Athletes are expected to attend all classes for which they are enrolled unless excused by the instructor.  Student-athletes’ grades shall not be negatively affected solely due to absence from class because of participation in university-sanctioned events such as intercollegiate athletic competition.

However, class absence due to university-sanctioned participation does NOT in any way excuse students from completing class assignments, examinations or projects on time.  Should a student-athlete’s professor need an absent slip for intercollegiate competition, coaches can provide this information.

Class Attendance Policy

• ATTEND ALL CLASSES, be attentive, and be on time.

• Sit near the front of the classroom and participate in class discussion.

• Get required course materials as soon as possible.

• Keep all relevant information for each class (i.e. exams, quizzes, assignments, syllabi, etc.) organized.

• Inform your instructors and tutors of expected absences.

• Attend all study sessions with proper materials.

Process for Absences Due to Competition and Travel
It is extremely beneficial to the student-athlete to establish a positive rapport with instructors and to let them know about future absences.

• Student-athletes are given official letters of excuse from their head or assistant coaches. These letters are to be given by the student-athlete to each instructor at the beginning of each semester.

• Prior arrangements with instructors and classmates for notes and handouts are necessary. If informed well in advance of absences due to athletic competition, most instructors will assist you by rescheduling your exams or making other arrangements. Arrangements for making up missed assignments are at the discretion of the instructor.

• Leaving in the late afternoon for a road trip or a game does not excuse you from attending classes in the morning. You are responsible for all classes that day up until the departure time listed on the letter. 

University Class Attendance Policy
“Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are enrolled unless excused by the instructor.  No extension of vacation periods are given to students regardless of the location of their homes.  Non-attendance of classes caused by late registration is considered the same as absence.  Students are not allowed to attend classes for which they are not properly enrolled unless permitted by the instructor.

The University does not have a policy permitting a specific number of cuts or absences from class. Each instructor establishes an attendance policy for his or her classes and must inform students in writing of the policy at the beginning of the term.  However, the student’s grades shall not be affected negatively solely due to absence from class because of participation in University-sanctioned events.  Such University-sanctioned activities may include, but not limited to:  intercollegiate competition, participation on the forensics team, and field trips.  Class absence due to University-sanctioned participation does not in any way excuse students from completing class preparations, assignments, examinations, or projects.

Although students may drop classes on their own initiative within time lines established by policy, faculty members have the right to withdraw students for non-attendance.” (General Catalog)

Absences Due to Emergencies/Illness

Contact your head coach to have a letter sent to your instructors indicating if you will miss class due to hospitalization, injuries or family/personal problems.  Your head coach will then contact the administrative staff, if needed.