Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers to questions commonly asked by potential recruits are below.  

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Q: What is a "Prospective Student-Athlete"?

A: A "prospective student-athlete" is another term for "recruit." This is the NCAA definition:

13.02.11 - Prospective Student-Athlete.

A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, a student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospective student-athlete if the institution provides such an individual (or the individual's relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally. An individual remains a prospective student-athlete until one of the following occurs (whichever is earlier):

(a) The individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full-time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four-year collegiate institution's regular academic year (excluding summer); or

(b) The individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a four-year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any term; or (Revised: 1/11/89, 1/10/90)

(c) The individual officially registers and enrolls and attends classes during the summer prior to initial enrollment. (Adopted: 4/28/05, Revised: 1/17/09)

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Q: What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

A: The NCAA Eligibility Center determines the academic eligibility of high school students as they enter college for their freshman year. In addition, the Eligibility Center determines and ensures any student (high school and junior college transfer) who is going to enter a four-year institution is an amateur student-athlete.

More information regarding the NCAA Eligibility Center can be found here.

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Q: When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

A: High school students who have entered their second semester of their junior year should begin the registration process with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Once registered, you should have your high school send an up-to-date transcript to the Eligibility Center, along with ACT/SAT test scores from the testing agencies. The Eligibility Center will provide you with a preliminary evaluation of your eligibility status.

You are unable to make an Official Visit until you have registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

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Q: What is an Official Visit?

A: An Official Visit is defined as a campus visit where Colorado State University-Pueblo pays for ANY portion of the trip. Official Visits are limited to seniors in high school who are registered with the NCAA clearinghouse and have submitted their transcripts to the university that they are visiting. Official Visits are limited to a maximum duration of 48 hours.

Q: Why didn't a coach return my phone call?

A: Coaches are not permitted to call prospective student-athletes until July 1 following completion of the prospect's junior year in high school, per NCAA regulations.

However, a high school student - regardless of year in high school - may call a coach. If you leave a message, a coach will still not be able to return your call unless it is after July 1 following your junior year.

The sports of football, men's basketball, and women's basketball allow for additional phone calls; however, the number of calls is determined by the prospect's year in high school.

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Q: I sent a text message/email to a coach, but have not received a reply. Why not?

A: Coaches are not permitted to text (or instant message) a prospective student-athlete regardless of their grade level, per NCAA regulations. Emails, letters and facsimiles are permissible correspondence between a coach and prospective student-athlete provided the prospective student-athlete is in his or her junior year in high school and it is after Sep. 1.

Exceptions to this are men's basketball and men's ice hockey coaches, who are able to have written correspondence with prospective student-athletes after June 15 following the conclusion of the prospect's sophomore year in high school.

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Q: Can I visit campus at any time?

A: High school students are welcome to visit Colorado State University-Pueblo and the Department of Athletics.

However, there are certain dates throughout the year that coaches and other athletics staff members are not able to have on-campus contact with prospects. These dates are called Dead Periods and often surround National Letter of Intent signing periods and sport championships.

Please contact the coaching staff of your particular sport prior to arriving on campus to ensure you and the coaches may have contact.

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Q: Can a coach recruit me if I come to a CSU-Pueblo or coaches camp?

A: No. While camps offer an exception to the tryout rule and coaches can interact with campers regarding their ability, a coach cannot recruit during a camp. If a coach chooses, they can begin recruitment after the camp ends.

Q: Why wouldn't a coach talk to me at a tournament/competition?

A: Coaches are not permitted to contact prospective student-athletes or parents during competitions, per NCAA regulations.

If the prospective student-athlete is a senior in high school, coaches are permitted to speak to the prospect's parents or guardians during competitions. Contact shall not be made with the prospective student-athlete at any site prior to the contest on the day or days of competition. Contact shall not be made after the competition until the prospective student-athlete is released by the appropriate institutional authority and departs the competition facility.

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Q: What are the recruiting restrictions for transfers from two-year schools?

A: It depends. If you are currently enrolled at a two-year school, a coach can telephone and write to you the same as a high school senior. However, if you were not a qualifier out of high school, a coach cannot have any face-to-face contact with you during your first year of enrollment. If you were a qualifier, you can have contact during your first year.

There are different requirements for different transfer situations in order to be eligible after transferring. Please check with a coach or the compliance office regarding your situation.

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Q: What are the recruiting restrictions for transfers from four-year schools?

A: You must obtain permission to contact from your school's athletic department before having written, telephone or in-person contact with a CSU-Pueblo coach. If you are granted permission, the same recruiting restrictions for high school seniors are in place.

There are different requirements for different transfer situations in order to be eligible after transferring. Please check with a coach or the compliance office regarding your situation.

Q: What is an unofficial visit?

A: An Unofficial Visit is defined as a campus visit where CSU-Pueblo does not pay for ANY portion of the trip (a team can provide complimentary admissions to a sporting event during an Unofficial Visit). Unofficial Visits can occur at any time besides a recruiting dead period in a specific sport. There are no limits on the length or number of Unofficial Visits prospects can take.

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Q: How many complimentary tickets can a prospective student-athlete receive?

A: Prospects on official and unofficial visits may be provided with three complimentary tickets to home athletics events. A prospect may make only one official visit to a campus, but may make unlimited unofficial visits. A prospect may receive complimentary admissions on each visit made to campus. Complimentary admissions may not be provided during recruiting dead periods.

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Q: More questions?

A: For any questions not discussed here, or for clarification on NCAA recruiting regulation and compliance, please contact CSU-Pueblo Director of Compliance Jackie Wallgren:

Office - 719.549.2021
Fax - 719.549.2570

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